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2021 Awards

$1,000 Special Recognition was Awarded to Four Oklahoma City-based Minority Business Enterprises, or MBEs

2021 OKC Minority Enterprise Development Distinguished Leader Award presented to:

Yolanda White Antelope | Entrepreneur & Visionary

Yolanda White Antelope is a tribal member of Acoma Pueblo, NM. She is an Elder in her community and has an incredible story to tell. She is a former corrections officer for the state of New Mexico. She survived the Murrah bombing (her shop was located across the street at the time, but luckily she opened an hour later than when the explosion took place. She lost her shop and relocated as a result). She and her business have survived her own near terminal illness and now the pandemic. Yolanda is the epitome of strength, resilience, determination, and ability to adapt when the 'times' demand major change.

Visit her website:

2021 OKC Minority Enterprise Development Innovative Leader Award presented to:

Dr. Tabatha Carr | Entrepreneur, Author, and Corporate Consultant

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND, is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. She is the founder of Good Girl Chocolate, a best-selling author, and a talk show co-host for The Blend Talk, a show that has recently been launched on UPLIFTTV, a new Christian and inspirational network. Her book titled Open Your G.I.F.T.S., with actress Kim Coles, hit the Amazon Hot New Releases Bestsellers List at #1 in Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Self-Help, and Happiness categories.

Dr. Tabatha focuses on bringing positive energy to her community. She can be found playing the piano for her church, volunteering at local charities such as Positive Tomorrows, Baptist Children’s Home, Ronald McDonald House, or doing public speaking.

2021 OKC Minority Enterprise Development Selfless Leader Award presented to:
Jennifer Bui.jpg

Jenniffer Bui | CEO of Okie Dokie Foodie Inc., Photographer, & Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force Reserves

Jennifer Bui is the CEO of Okie Dokie Foodie Inc. and has steadily photographed and helped over 120 small businesses for free since the start of the pandemic. Since the beginning of her initiative, she has been featured on 10 news segments, 2 magazine features, and 3 news articles. She has provided over $55,000 worth of media services, over $20,000 raised for various smaller businesses, and has increased many small businesses' long-term profits. 

Jennifer is currently a service member as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserves. Jennifer will continue to grow Okie Dokie Foodie Inc. with a mission to help small businesses with affordable services ranging from professional photography, videography, social media training, and total social media management.

2021 OKC Minority Enterprise Development  Charismatic Leader Award presented to:

Javier Hernandez | 1st Undocumented Lawyer in Oklahoma, Co-owner of Selva Plant Studio, and Operating Partner at Dunn & Hernandez 

Javier Hernandez is an immigration and civil litigation attorney. His purpose is to help families understand and navigate the legal system to fight for family unity and harmony. Javier is a native of Mexico and was raised in Oklahoma City. Javier now operates Dunn & Hernandez with his partner Lambert Dunn. Although the firms focus is immigration and civil litigation, Javier and Lambert work closely with their community to help solve an assortment of legal issues. Javier is serves as President of the Dove Charter Public Schools Foundation and serves as a Board member with Dream Action Oklahoma. During his spare time Javier enjoys spending time with his wife, Selena, and their families, playing and coaching soccer, and enjoying the outdoors.

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